There's nothing else out there like this. I see you as a cross between Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Oprah and Rich Froning.

Alex T, USA


Feel Like You've Hit A Plateau In Training & In Life?

Stacked on a little extra timber since those heady college days?

Not got time for gym trips and the ear-bashing that occasionally goes with them?

Wiped out from sleepless night and stressful days at work?

I’ve been there…trapped…frustrated…out of shape…

It sucked. I got irritated. It didn’t help anyone...

What if one coach could help you out across multiple areas and turn you into superdad?

You better be prepared to work until you can't feel your arms anymore. And you'll definitely puke.

Not quite. We're a little smarter than that.

But we'll work hard. I guarantee it.

You get the latest high-intensity and strength-based workouts that leverage world-renowned systems I've been trained in like:

  • Original Bootcamp - Instructor
  • ZUU - Cert 1 Affiliate
  • Training For Warriors - Cert 1
  • Steve Maxwell Kettlebells - Cert 1
  • Real Movement Project - Content Manager & Internship
  • Fitness Institute Australia - Level 3
  • Corporate Running Clubs - Instructor

And Then There's The Super Fit Difference That You Won't Pick Up From Other Trainers...

  • Nutritional Habits that took me from a Dadbod-like 14% to 10% body fat
  • Financial Wisdom gleaned from 16 years as a property owner and investor, including 3 years as a commodity trader during the boom
  • Strategy Insights straight from the U-shaped classrooms of Harvard Business School
  • Mental Fortitude earned pounding out 100km trail races & 10 marathons across 3 continents

Super Fit advice and guidance has been featured here:

The Super Fit Impact - Does It Work?

As for the mindset techniques they work a treat. I've been so relaxed that I've actually fallen asleep a couple of times (I know that's not really the intention). Since using these I've been able to alleviate my stress and anxiety levels back to where they would normally be which is pretty low.

Jonny Mac, New Dad, Canberra

Your recommendations are working really well and my life and my outlook has really improved.

My wife and I have been getting really well, too, mainly because I’m more calm, positive and compassionate.

We’ve actually decided to build our dream house together in Cairns.

Thanks again, Tommy.

Tommy G, Dad of a 3 year old

Will Your Strategies Work for Normal People Like Me?

Jim Partington: 12 kilos lost in one year with 2 workouts per week and no weight training

Colin Winn: Lost 5 kilos in 3 months whilst recovering from surgery

Edward Smith : Lost 10 kilos in 6 months

And most of all...

Me: Dropped from 14% to 10.8% bodyfat whilst adding 2 kg lean muscle mass and dropping 1.5kg in total body weight

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