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I’m Ben Ford – 37 year old Dad to Drake – a 2 year old boy – and Derek – a 6 year old dog.

Here we are. Good looking bunch, huh?

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I believe life should be simple, but, after the birth of my son, I found out the hard way that it’s not. Something that should have been the best thing in my life became a cause of extreme stress and I paid the ultimate price.

Worse still, so did my family.

I had pretty much everything you could ask for: a beautiful, effervescent wife; a show-stopping baby, a mischievous dog, a house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and a combined income in excess of $300k per year.

So why was I so unhappy?

Acknowledging that things weren’t perfect would have been an act of weakness so instead of dealing with the problem, it festered like a poisonous potion until it was too late.

I’ve spent much of the last year rebuilding myself from the inside out. My building blocks have been:


  • Distracting myself with exercise
  • Cleaning up my diet
  • Cutting out alcohol during the week
  • Personal and business mentoring
  • Joining elite fitness communities
  • Reading and listening to personal development material
  • Becoming certified in various fitness disciplines

It was to this end that Super Fit Dad was born – an accountability check for me and a place to share some of my methods, successes and failures with other time-poor fathers.

If my failures and mistakes can help one other Dad avoid the same pitfalls then this exercise will have been a success.




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