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It’s Complexicated – 4 Barbell Complexes For Time-Poor Dads

Assuming you have access to a barbell – in the garden, the garage or the gym – then barbell complexes will probably offer you the best fitness return on time invested that I can think of.

Their beauty, despite the name, lies in their simplicity and time-effectiveness. They are virtually idiot-proof and can have you in and out of the gym in half an hour which gives you plenty of time to swing by the shops on the way home to buy some nappies and a little treat for Tired Out Mum.

You pick up the barbell (or unrack it) and perform a set number of reps of multiple exercises without putting the bar down. Then repeat. For Super Fit Dads it’s the next step along from the trusty kettlebell, requiring just a little more space and a little more money to buy your barbell and weights.

Transform Your Life Today – 5 High-Reward / Low-Effort Lifestyle Hacks

There are no quick fixes, right? No such thing as a free lunch? 

Wrong! Well, sort of. There are some pretty minor lifestyle tweaks that everybody can apply to their daily lives which will translate into some major health benefits. By no means an exhaustive list, these are the hacks that have worked most effectively for me.

Home Workouts

The 4 Weekly Workouts You Can’t Afford To Miss

With a bewildering array of fitness options out there, it’s easy to get confused. Especially if most of them cater to young, unencumbered 20 and 30-somethings. Increasingly training programs and modalities are focusing on functional movements and HIIT training which is really positive development.

But, even so, sometimes Super Fit Dads (and Mums, for that matter) simply don’t have the time to duck out to a 1 hour class that’s a 15 minute drive away from home. If that’s the case we need fallback workouts that can be done quickly, either in the gym or at home. After all, Super Fitness is all about efficiency.

The four sessions outlined below are all that you need to achieve Super Fitness in around 3 hours a week.

If you can do more, lucky you – do more! But these are our minimum requirements to keep moving the dial forward.

Crossfit Beginner? Here’s How It Goes Down

Revisiting my first experience with Crossfit a bit over a year ago. Here’s how it went down…

A couple of months ago I did something I’d been meaning to do for almost five years and stepped across the threshold of a gym as a Crossfit beginner: a murky world where devotees of this particular fitness phenomenon flog themselves senseless doing workouts that combine Dad-style circuit training with Olympic weight-lifting and even some gymnastics, usually performed to cranking music and without a shirt on.

And that’s just the women.

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