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Bumps in the road – 3 signs that you’re training too much

A wise man once told me that progress is not lineal. And so it has proved in Super Fit Dad-land as the burgeoning juggernaut of PBs, progress and self-satisfied improvement has careened off the road and screeched to an abrupt halt. The wheels, it seems, have well and truly fallen off the wagon.

What has happened to precipitate such an almighty decline in performance? And has it really been that bad? Let’s look at the symptoms for clues.

Testing Times – term 1 progress report

Progression, it’s said, is the key to success.

So, with this in mind, whilst I approached testing week at my Crossfit box with confidence that I would, most likely, have progressed somewhat from my relatively lowly starting position, I might fall short of where I had hoped to be. Which was a stupid idea because I hadn’t actually given much thought to where I’d hoped to end up.

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