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Coaches Use A Range Of Methods To Get The Best Out Of Their Charges: There Is No Magic Formula.

Coach Class – The 6 Types Of Fitness Coach You Need To Work With

As much as I advocate and embrace the two pillars self-sufficiency and time-efficiency when it comes to training – especially for Super Fit Dads who have limited resources (time, money and space) – there are times when you need to lean on the experts for a little extra motivation, wisdom and inspiration as you traverse the rocky path of progress.

But picking or finding the right coach can be a tricky and potentially expensive exercise. There are some great coaches out there – the ones who simultaneously cajole and nurture you to ever-increasing heights of achievement. There are some terrible coaches who seem to be surviving on past glories, or no glories at all.

Then there are the myriad of average coaches, those who are neither particularly good nor bad. This example of the species is, perhaps, the most dangerous because their average-ness makes it harder to escape their clutches and start afresh elsewhere.

To save you time in the selection process I’m going to outline 6 types of coaches to look out for. Each offers extraordinary scope for learning and progression – if you can track one of these guys down, you’re likely to be in very safe hands.

I’ve been lucky enough to train with at least one of each type over the past few years; I’ll mention who they are as we work through the list.

Myth-Busting: Cracking the Crossfit Code

It’s been just over a year since I started Crossfit training. To say I was in a bad place mentally when something prompted me to finally get along to my local box is something of an understatement. A dead man walking is putting it a bit strongly, but isn’t that far from the mark.

So given my relative experience, or more the fact that I’m no longer a complete Crossfit beginner, it feels like an opportune time to reflect on my experience to date, assess my progress but mostly to see if any of the myths surrounding “the sport” have been dispelled.

Transform Your Life Today – 5 High-Reward / Low-Effort Lifestyle Hacks

There are no quick fixes, right? No such thing as a free lunch? 

Wrong! Well, sort of. There are some pretty minor lifestyle tweaks that everybody can apply to their daily lives which will translate into some major health benefits. By no means an exhaustive list, these are the hacks that have worked most effectively for me.

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