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One Pot Wonder

5 One Pot Wonders For Busy Dads & Their Families

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a private chef or an obliging wife (or husband) prepping your evening meal every night (and, let’s face it, they’re like hen’s teeth these days), you’re going to need to develop some smarts around cooking your evening meal. Fresh, easy and simple dinners are the order of the day.

Yep, sure you could outsource dinner to a local takeaway, and there are times when this is absolutely an wonderful fix but, in my view, it should be just that: a quick fix when you have absolutely no other options.

With a soupçon of planning and a dash of cunning you can ensure that: a) you mostly do have other options; and b) those options don’t take a huge amount of time and effort, meaning that you can wow your wife / girlfriend / family with your culinary nous whilst also getting on with other, more important tasks.

So far, so good. Almost too good to be true, huh?

Well, not necessarily. Enter the ‘One Pot Wonder’, an entire meal that uses only a solitary cooking vessel (so minimising washing up) and yet still manages to be delicious, hearty and impressive.

As an added bonus the one pot wonder frees up 25-30 minutes for you to do a quick bodyweight or kettlebell workout or (for maximum kudos and possible reward later on) massage Super Tired Mum’s feet.

Here are five of my favourites. Try them out.

15 Smart Tips For New Dads – How To Get Your Mojo Back

All new Dads know the drill. Any would-be or wannabe Dads might as well get with the program, too, because it will creep up before you know what’s hit you.

I’m talking about the ‘Dad effect’, the gradual phenomenon that takes you from punchy to paunchy, from smooth to slovenly and from expectant to exasperated in the space of a few short months.

Its entirely natural given the accumulated lack of sleep and complete disruption to a lifestyle that previously seemed to footloose and fancy free. Your amazing little bundle of joy cares not for your training schedule, your early starts for work and the latest series on HBO.

As a consequence your waistline slowly expands, your jeans sink a little lower around your waist and your stubble starts to become more beard-like by the day.

It needn’t be like this, however. There are a number of small steps you can take to arrest this decline and get your mojo back post-baby.

Heck, if you can tick enough of these off, then you might even find yourself having sex again. Well, maybe.

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